Monday 15th March:

The forecast is good for the week but it’s wet today. The main job of the day is schooling in Shelbourne Park, all our waste went to the dump early. We needed bits and pieces for maintenance work witch is going on as we do the website as normal we need supplies and we have a busy week ahead of us.

Tuesday 16th March:

The forecast is good and when we started at 6am it was 10 degrees. The main job today is hunting pups and collecting supplies. The maintenance work is going well and we level the sand out in the garden paddocks and change the beds in the houses. It’s the start of Cheltenham I don’t bet on the races but I will watch most of them if the day goes well. As we do the journal at 8am the 151 van has a flat tyre so that has to be fixed.

Wednesday 17th march

That was a Bank Holiday in Ireland yesterday Paddy’s Day but at the kennels it was a normal day the weather was very good. We hunted pups and I went for fish and we also did maintenance work and the day went well.


Thursday 18th March:

As we do the journal we emptying the van with fish and it’s the end of the mackerel fillets I bought 300 tone and I thought we will never get through them. At the kennels today we will do the first work with 12 month old saplings, hunt pups and start worming hounds, change beds so busy day.

Friday 19th March:

Were doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning as I day tripped to the UK to collect calcium, Coco Pops and got myself some shopping. On the way our I stopped at Queensferry and got the best kebab I ever had. Coming back I got fish and chips in Queensferry which were also the best I’ve had in a long time. The ferry was as quiet as I’ve ever seen it. The weather was good and at the kennels we hunted pups, sent the second van for supplies, wormed pups and did a small swap around with hounds. Coming home last night I bumped into Ros Myles and he was doing his second run of the week. He was planning to go back out on Saturday night making it three runs this week. He says he just about has the backload of dogs away now.


Saturday 20th March:

I was up at 5:30 am this morning as normal and its just about daylight at that time now. The weather is good and the forecast for the coming week is good. The plans today is to do every scrap of paperwork in the place, name our May 2020 saplings and add them to the dogs for sale page. We took two broods to Good News to be mated and they’re to be collected today. Were going to do maintenance work, gallop, hunt pups and prepare dogs for schooling. Its a massive weekend for Newcastle United. The first result went right for them as Fulham got beaten last night. If we can beat Brighton tonight it will be a massive result. If we get a point it wont be the end of the world.

Sunday 21st March:

Its another nice morning with no chance of rain. It’s been a long night as Swift Precious had her pups by Droopys Sydney. Mother and pups are doing fantastic and all went well. It will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let hounds out of kennels. We will try and level out the garden paddock and there is five minutes of work to do with the Vat to get it ready for the accountant. We have a brood to pick up that has been mated to Good News and that will be as much as we can do today. Last night was the  worst I’ve ever seen Newcastle United play. Steve Bruce should go before our next game. Relegation now looks certain the way were playing. A hound with a massive future is Potent Touch (previous name Swift Barrier ). He won both his races at Newcastle and did 28.63 yesterday normal going with a 4.77 split. He is an August 2019.

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