About Us

Here at Ian Greaves Greyhounds, our goal is to breed the best race dogs available.

In order to achieve this, our day starts at 6 am every morning. Firstly all kennelled dogs are turned out to exercise paddocks so that each kennel can be cleaned out thoroughly. Following this each dog is returned to his own kennel to rest till breakfast time.

All of our puppies under the age of 6 months are given a feed at 6 am, they can’t wait till breakfast time like the older dogs. Every puppy shed and run is then cleaned out.

Preparation then begins on Lunch. We at Ian Greaves Greyhounds pride ourselves on always providing a balanced and nutritious meal, this consists of all human consumption feed stuff; Chicken, Beef, Fish, Tripe, Cheese and vegetables are fed everyday.

At 8 am, every dog on the property has breakfast, this consists of cereal and fresh milk. Every second day eggs are added. After Breakfast they are turned out to exercise.

It is at this time the rest of the broods are all walked. This is when trials, gallops or walking is done. Every kennelled dog either gets walked or galloped daily if they are not trailing or visiting the vet. This is also when every kennelled dog gets groomed and the daily health check is conducted, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of these checks, it is imperative that each and every dog is kept fit and healthy at all times. The dogs are then all turned back out to exercise paddock for the lead up to lunchtime.

After lunch feeding caters to every dog on the property. Broods, puppies, saplings and schoolers. Dogs are then turned out again to the exercise paddock and then put in to rest between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. At 8 pm, all kennelled dogs go out and all puppies under the age of 6 months old are given a feed and fresh milk.

At 9 pm, the kennels are closed for the evening. If there is a bitch due to whelp then she will be watched via close circuit TV and hourly checks are conducted.