Monday 8th June:

The good weather is back but not as hot as last week. We need supplies and I next have to go to Cashel vets to get a heap of supplies (wormers, flea tablets and few more small things) The rain is done the rearing paddocks the world of good and we have heap of gardening work to do later in the week and there is a massive job to do on the rearing paddocks.

Tuesday 9th June:

We are doing Tuesday journal at 2.30 in the afternoon. It’s been another day where has been not that hot thank goodness. We had supplies to collect, we needed all our waste away. Mirus who has work for me on and off for the last 15 years has decided to take a long break and head back to Poland he is a top class dog man and lived in my flat opposite to my house in the yard he’s been a great neighbour, friend and worker and all the people who lived in Lughill area always waved and had a word with him, he’ll be a miss and we wish him all the best in the future.

Wednesday 10th June:

We had more rain and been a great day to trial as is not to hot. Padgie is doing a swap around with pups, saplings and new born pups and mothers. I have shopping to do. Mirus can not get a bus now till next Tuesday so he is here for a few more days and the neighbours I have spoke to say they miss him as after work he was always on the roads on his bike or at the river.

Thursday 11th June:

We forgot to do the journal yesterday the main job of the day was schooling at Donaskeagh. The day went well and at the kennels we made boxes and beds for mothers and pups and did the everyday jobs.

Friday 12th June:

It’s looks like rain and a busy day. We have broods going for mating, we need all our waste away and we also need supplies. We are changing beds and the garages needs to be tidy up.

Saturday 13th June:

As we do the journal at 7:30 am we are getting rain. We have supplies coming from the UK so they have to be emptied and packed away. We have a brood that needs a c-section so that’s a top priority. The Newcastle United takeover is going on forever. If it doesn’t happen in the next couple of weeks I don’t think it ever will. Its the start of the Premiership again this week and I just hope the takeover talks haven’t been too big of a distraction for Newcastle United.

Sunday 14th June:

Its a nice morning and it will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean kennels, feed and let dogs out that are in kennels. We have a load of small pups so they will have to be watched. The brood that had the c-section yesterday is doing fantastic with her five pups. They were absolutely massive.

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