Monday 15th June:

A nice day and a very busy day. Our dog food has came from Gain and we have packed it away. I have been to Northern Ireland to collect supplies and we have also packed them away. The next job is to go to the vets to get passports for dogs that are sold going to the UK. The broods that have had the pups everything is going well with them and the good weather is a great help with mothers and pups.

Tuesday 16th June:

A nice day not to hot not to cold it’s been a busy day. We have dogs go to the UK at 5am this morning, we have been to cash and carry and TRI in Newbridge so we are now fully stocked. We did a swap around with pups saplings and kennel dogs and the next job is to collect brood that has been mated.

Wednesday 17th June:

We are doing Wednesdays journal on Thursday morning as yesterday was very busy. We had to meet Ross Miles with hounds that are going to the UK that are sold thanks to everybody who bought a hound. We trialed in Newbridge and we started the big tidy up which will take a week or two and we finished the swap around with pups saplings and kennel dogs.

Thursday 18th June:

As we do the journal at 8.30am the last of our Gain Dog Food order has arrived. We are trailing in Donaskeagh today and we will continue on with the tidy up. As normal we need supplies. The football has started again and it’s very unusual watching it on tv with no crowd a good result for Newcastle United last night Villa only getting a draw.

Friday 19th June:

A wet morning and the plans today we need fish which is a day job to go to Killybegs as is 520km return journey. We need our waste away and a load of supplies like carpet, muzzles plus a hole lot of small things. We have had a brood have pups all went well.

Saturday 20th June:

Its a nice day with plenty to do. The first job today was to empty the fish out of the van and we had to do an emergency repair job on the freezer. All of the dogs that are schooling are getting checked today. Were going to continue on with the massive tidy up job. There are supplies to collect as normal. Whatever happens I’m finishing early to watch racing and football. Without feeling sorry for myself I just haven’t stopped this week along with my head lad Padgie.

Sunday 21st June:

Its an overcast morning. We will continue on with the big tidy up. We have a load of paperwork to do and we have all the lists to make for the coming week such as supplies needed, vets list, schooling list. Newcastle United have their first game after the lockdown so I will be watching that at 2pm. We could have 41 points by Tuesday which would make us safe for another year. Two pups to watch out for Tranwel Stallion had his first race in Newcastle yesterday at A2 and won it well in 28.75 normal going. Coney  Kokekan did 16.03 in his last qualifying trial at Sheffield. More good news Miroush  asked if his job was still here so he is back again working for me as top class dog men like him and Padgie are impossible to find. We all have something else in common non of us are drinking.

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