Monday 1st June:

We are doing Mondays journal on Tuesday morning yesterday was a bank holiday in Ireland and it was red hot. We can’t gallop or hunt pups and the main job is checking hounds for the heat and doing every day jobs of cleaning kennels, puppy sheds, cooking and feeding.

Tuesday 2nd June:

Today will be the hottest day of the year in Ireland we need supplies our waste away and like yesterday a day for watching hounds with the heat, keep changing the drinking water cooking and feeding and keep windows and door open everywhere.

Wednesday 3rd June:

It’s been a hectic morning the website went down on us thankfully our website man got the website up and running straight away. We were in Donaskeagh at 7.30am so I was out of bed at 4.30am. John Nolan has been to earmark pups. The weather is better not as hot and we have also been to the vets to have a operation done on a dog toe the next job is to collect the hound from the vets and get everything feed.

Thursday 4th June:

It looks like rain and we have a brood had pups last night, mother and pups doing fantastic. We need supplies and we are going to make boxes and beds for mothers and pups.

Friday 5th June:

We got rain at 6am but as we are doing a journal at 9am it’s bright and their will be no more rain today. We need fish and our waste away. The main job at the kennel is preparing dogs for schooling next week this will take all day.

Saturday 6th June:

Its a cool morning and we are getting bits of rain and it looks like we will get a bit more which is badly needed for rearing paddocks, gallops and schooling tracks. The plan for today is a big tidy as there isnt much more we can do owing to the weather. We have had all the dogs that are schooling checked. The Newcastle United takeover saga continues. If it doesnt happen shortly I dont think it will. Things are starting to get back to normal. Horse racing is back on, dog racing is back on and the betting shops in Ireland open a week come Monday.

Sunday 7th June:

Im doing the journal at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. Its a lot cooler and it looked like rain all day but up to now we havent had a drop of rain. Its been a typical Sunday where we cooked, cleaned, fed and let dogs out that are in kennels. We also monitored mothers and pups. We have done all the paperwork and we are up to date with everything. Davey Maher the landlord of my favorite watering hole the Bell Yard in Monasterevin called me to tell me he’s doing free food and going to open from the 29th June. I have only been out once in 17 weeks and I will definitely be giving it a miss.

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