Monday 6th April:

A nice morning and the start of a couple of very busy days. We have broods to collect, supplies to collect, paper work to do, the photographs to do for greyhound data, pups to hunt and a tidy up to do. Hopefully Ford is open as we need parts for the van and plus a whole lot of running around to do.

Tuesday 7th April:

Another nice day and no chance of rain which is ideal as we are going to take the photographs of our February, March and April 2019 saplings. We will put the photos on greyhound data. We will also put the comments on each dog on the dogs for sale page and put their weights on and prices. Every scrap of paperwork is going to get done today. We have supplies to collect and hounds that are sold going to the UK so we will get the passports.


Its a nice dry day, we have a brood having pups all is going well with mother and pups. I got all the waste away to the tip. We feed up early so we can watch the brood and new pups.

Thursday 9th April:

Were doing Thursdays journal on Saturday morning as I day tripped to England for essential supplies. The boat going out from Ireland was very quiet. Coming back it was fairly busy. There was very few cars. I have never seen as many customs in Dublin port. They checked every single person coming off. I was also told they were returning people if it wasn’t essential travel. At the kennels another brood had pups. Mother and pups are doing fantastic. We also did a major tidy up.

Friday 10th April:

Were doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning. Our order arrived from Red Mills so that had to be packed away. I had to do a bit of shopping for myself. We are now having to que outside the shops. The good news is there isnt any shortages in Ireland. We prepared sheds for mothers and pups and we finished off tidying all the yards.

Saturday 11th April:

Its a nice morning and the forecast is good. We need supplies and a trip to the Cash and Carry as disinfectant, bleach and gloves are only sold in small amounts. Ill do the dump and we have photos of customers hounds to take and get them sent. We have a little bit of paperwork to do. As normal there is always tidying up to do. I got a text asking if we feed everyday as I dont put it on the journal. Just to the concerned person we feed every day of the year. Our feed is a mixed balanced diet. It is cooked everyday of the year as well. We put vitamins in and all the feed is top quality.  We also give a light breakfast everyday of the year. Young pups could be fed up to 6 times a day.

Sunday 12th April:

Another nice mild morning and a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are in kennels up to six times a day. We will monitor pups, do a bit of paperwork and prepare for another busy week. The lock down in Ireland was going well as yesterday morning there was nothing on the road. I had to go to the vets last night at around 5pm and there were people everywhere paying no attention to the social distancing. The police are stopping everywhere but from what I’ve seen last night its just not working.

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