A nice morning, The main jobs today are galloping and hunting hounds. I have broods to collect that have been mated to Eden the kid and Candlelight king. The day is going well we have cook and clean all the kennels by 9.30 plus cleaned all the runners


A nice morning at 6.30 am, I never thought I would say this but I looking forward to be going for fish today to Killybegs ,Its is 9 hours round trip. The corona virus lockdown is hard work. At the kennels its a day for hunting pups plus clean kennels, cooking , letting dogs out that are in kennels and feeding.


Another nice morning and a very busy day, we are going to gallop, we need bagged milk powder a trip to the cash and carry all our waste is to go to the dump, we have tidy the freezer up. I went for fish yesterday and there was not a car on the roads and I got stopped four times by the police. We end the journal wishing Jill Hands a happy 70th birthday and it’s 53 year today since she got married to Phil, have a great day from all the staff at Lughill Kennels.

Thursday 16th April:

Another nice morning. We have been getting frost during the night but it is completely gone by 8am. We had a busy morning so far as we have been ordering parts for freezers, pallet trucks, bin liners and trying to get gloves. We have broods for testing at Michael Dunnes and we have broods to collect from Richard Cuddys who have been mated to Candlelight King, Quietly and Eden the Kid. I have to go to the vets in Cashel as we need tablets for fleas and ticks and other bits and pieces in case of emergency. I also need passports for hounds that are going to the UK to get re-stamped. It looks like Newcastle United are entering a new era as they have been sold. I was told this week ago by a friend and he was right. In all reports its going to be a brilliant new era. Im like a lot of Newcastle United fans, I will believe it when it happens.

Friday 17th April:

We are doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning. The first job is to thank anybody who has bought a hound this week as the sales department has been busy. There are more hounds to go up sold by the end of today. It was a day for collecting supplies. I was never stopped as many times by the police owing to the lockdown. Typical of me I didn’t have any paperwork. Just my luck I met the wrong Garda who kept me an hour. At the kennels we did a tidy of garages, freezer, sheds and did the everyday jobs of cooking, cleaning, feeding and letting dogs out that are kenneled up.

Saturday 18th April:

It looks like were going to get rain and we have plenty to do. We need our waste away, there is broods for mating at Michael Dunnes. We have paperwork to do, supplies to collect and a bit of work on the website to do. We have customers coming to look at hounds we have for sale. I also need shopping for myself.

Sunday 19th April:

Its an overcast morning and I think we will get rain. It will be a typical Sunday where we feed, clean, cook and let dogs out that are in kennels. We will tidy the vans and prepare for another busy week. We will be up to date with every scrap of paperwork in the place by tonight. The ICC, Revenue any everybody else wont believe it. The sale of Newcastle United if the TV reports are correct looks like a done deal. Exciting times ahead. There must be plans for the horse racing to come back as I passed the Curragh gallops yesterday morning it looked like every race horse in Ireland was on them.

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