Monday 30th March:

We doing Mondays journal on Wednesday morning, it was a nice dry day and I had to go for fish which is a full day job. At the kennels we hunted pups and change beds, the roads are still very quiet, no vets are open so lets hope nothing goes wrong.

Tuesday 31th March:

We doing Tuesday journal on Wednesday morning, I day tripped England yesterday I have to leave home at 4.30am the ferry was very quiet all so roads in England are very quiet.  When |I came back to Holyhead I went to Morrisons to get some shopping and there was only four people in the shop and plenty of food. At the kennels the lads change beds and hunted pups and did trip to the dump.

Wednesday 1st April:

A nice dry morning, the plans for today are Broods for testing, trip to the accountant and we also need supplies. We need to make boxes and beds for broods to have their pups in. We have supplies coming from England so will have to prepare garages to packed them in to.

Thursday 2nd April:

It’s a overcast morning but I don’t think it will rain. We have broods going to Michael Dunne for testing, we need parts for the van, we will have to make more boxes and beds for broods to have their pups, we need a trip to the hardware if there are not closed. Tomorrow is 25 year since I moved in to Lughill Kennels plus it’s my birthday so I am going to do a special journey.

Friday 3rd April:

Its a lovely day and its my birthday. Im 63 years old. Its 25 years to the day since I moved into Lughill Kennels. I’ve seen massive changes in the greyhound industry in that time. Theres more changes to come. We will probably lose a few more tracks and the biggest threat to the future of the sport is the shortage of trainers, breeders and greyhounds as this year there will probably be about 5000 dogs breed in Ireland. There is nowhere near enough. On the good news front its getting very easy to re-home greyhounds. We have had a policy since the day I started never to put a healthy dog to sleep and we never will. If they cant be re-homed they stay with us. We actually can get homes for our greyhounds through greyhound data. The pubs are all closed in Ireland and I never drink at home so it will be a dry birthday as my late mother would say if she was here today I’ve already had my share of drink so missing a drink today shouldnt be a problem. We have plenty of work to do and we have broods due to pup this weekend.

Saturday 4th April:

Its an overcast morning but the forecast is for no rain. We will make more boxes and beds for broods to have their pups in, we will get rid of our waste, hunt a few pups, collect supplies and I will do a bit of shopping myself. We have broods that are going to get mated today and I will have to plan another busy week out. Everything going well we will also do a tidy.

Sunday 5th April:

Its an overcast morning. We will probably get rain later on. It will be a typical Sunday at the kennels where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are in kennels. Were on top of the work with bed changing, worming, cutting nails, hunting pups and we are well stocked with supplies. Its going to be another busy week ahead of us.

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