Monday 4th May:

I didnt do the journal yesterday as it was a bank holiday in Ireland and Padgie my head lad is off. The day went well and the weather was good. We did a bit of tidying up, cut grass around our place. Other than that we cooked, cleaned, fed and let dog out of kennels to clean themselves.

Tuesday 5th May:

A busy day. We need passports for hounds that are going to the UK. We need a trip to the dump, the vat needs to be taken to the accountant. Our post arrived as we do the journal at 8am and there is more paperwork which will be done straight away. We will start cutting the hedges around the place. I have tires ordered for the vans so hopefully they will arrive today. There is talk of racing coming back in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday 6th May:

We are doing Wednesday journal on Wednesday afternoon as is been a busy morning and thankfully Padgie ( my head lad)  is back to work, we picked three broods up that have been mated to Eden The Kid, Candlelight King, and Quietly. We had supplies to collect and got everything back to normal, I had Ross Miles to meet as we have hounds that are sold going to the UK. The weather is very good and there is nothing on the roads today.

Thursday 7th May:

Were doing Thursdays journal on Friday morning as I went for fish yesterday and did a whole lot of other bits and pieces before I left. I didnt get back until 9pm last night. At the kennels we put young pups in to the concrete yard, moved broods to pupping down areas, continued on cutting hedges and prepared garages for supplies that are coming.

Friday 8th May:

Another glorious day and there is plenty to do. We have had supplies come from the UK and we packed them away. We didnt empty the fish until this morning and that got packed away. We need our waste away and we need a heap of supplies such as milk, porridge and we are short of Red Mills so we are going down to Goresbridge to collect it.

Saturday 9th May:

The good weather continues and another lovely day. We need supplies, a trip to the cash and carry and we need a trip to Liffey Mills for bagged milk. We will have to prepare for a busy week and make plans to start back schooling.

Sunday 10th May:

Its an overcast morning but I dont think we will get rain. It will be a typical Sunday at the kennels where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are in kennels up to 6 times a day. We have a load of small pups and its all going well with them. Were up to date with everything such as paperwork, work on the website, collecting supplies, gardening . Its going to be a busy week ahead of us as we have small pups to put into the big concrete yard, the last bit of work to do on the gallop to get it ready for the preparation work on hounds to get ready for schooling. My sources tell me that the sale of Newcastle will go through before next weekend and if all reports are true it will be an era we havent seen where were buying top class players and not fighting an endless relegation battle year after year.

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