Monday 11th May:

Another nice morning and plenty to do we have Gain dog food coming so it have to be packed away we need supplies and we have to go to vets in Cashel to get whole lot of bits and pieces and at the kennels we are going to gallop I need two tyres for the new van it has done a 160000 km and two the tyres have last that long.

Tuesday 12th May:

Another nice morning, we have wooden kennels to repair so we can put young pups to the concrete yard, we have a bit more hedge cutting to do, we need our waste away and as normal supplies to collect and whatever happens we will get tires for the van.

Wednesday 13th May:

Another nice day but at 6am when we started it looked like rain. The week is going well we have got all the hounds wormed and have done them with bravecto for flea and ticks for the year. We have also cut all the nails on all the hounds. The rear paddocks are getting the grass cut for the first time this year as we do the journal at 9.30am the next job is to get the tyres for the new van and we also need all our waste away plus a mountain of small jobs to do.

Thursday 14th May:

Another nice day the main job of today is preparing hounds for schooling next week which will take best part of the day, we will do a bit of tidy up as normal we need bits and pieces of supplies and we are up to date with all the other jobs.

Friday 15th May:

Were doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning as I was in England collecting essential supplies. We had a disaster as I was coming off the boat yesterday morning. The starter went on the old van and it was 150km from home. Just to make things more complicated the person driving the van broke their phone without naming them. I sent a friend to look for them as I was first told the van had seized up. The good news is the van got home and the starter is under guarantee. At the kennels our Red Mills arrived. We did a bit more tidying up in the rearing paddocks. The last bits on the to do list is to get pups moved into the big concrete yard.

Saturday 16th May:

Its a cold morning but its bright and dry. We need supplies as normal. Whatever happens we will get the pups put into the big concrete yard today. We have bits of paperwork to do and the vans could do with a tidy. I have to go to Downeys to get a new starter motor for the van. We will do the last of the preparation work for schooling next week. On a personal note I will have to get a haircut today, get shopping for myself and I haven’t had a drink for 3 months as I wouldn’t dream of drinking in the house.

Sunday 17th May:

Its an overcast and cooler morning. It will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed, let dogs out that are in kennels and prepare for a busy week. We are up to date with all the work. We got the new van serviced and we also got the starter changed on the old van. We got them both checked over and we need more parts for them both on Monday such as brake shoes, pads. The Newcastle United deal hasnt gone through yet. Trialling in the UK returns tomorrow.

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