Monday 27th April:

Were doing Mondays journal on Sunday afternoon as we need fish and I hope I dont draw the short straw and have to go myself. Were going to gallop again, tidy the gardens and prepare for our pasta that’s coming from England. We will also finish off a whole lot of bits and pieces. Hopefully the weather will be good which makes the job much easier.

Tuesday 28th April:

Another lovely day and plenty to do, I’m back with the first load of supplies our pasta has arrived from England we have a loads of more bits and pieces to collect and we also have our waste to go away. After lunch I have to go to accountants and go to Navan to collect bones with a bit of luck we will gallop a few hounds. There is a massive lockdown in Ireland and the police are everywhere and I was stopped already few times and it’s only 10.30 am.


We are doing Wednesday journal on Thursday morning as I was in England collecting supplies on wednesday, I left the kennels at 4am and got back last night at 10.30 a long day. It was a wet day in Kildare all of yesterday. At the kennels Padgie (my head lad) and the lads wormed pups, cut the nails and give them their first and second injection and gallop a few hounds.

Thursday 30th April:

The main job today is to gallop again in between the rain, we have empty the van with supplies from England. The ferry was very quiet yesterday and coming back in to Ireland last night it took a hour to get through the customs and police. It looks like Newcastle United is definitely sold more good news  also looks like dog racing will be back in the UK by the end of may.

Friday 1st May:

It has been the busiest week I have had personally in a long time. I’ve been to England twice and I was there again yesterday as were doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning. We needed paper bedding which I collected on Friday. Getting through customs and getting home last night took forever as they were stopping everywhere. As I got off the ferry yesterday morning whatever the police and customs were looking for in Holyhead must have been something major as every car and van was searched. Luckily I had documentation to say I was collecting the paper. At the kennels we galloped a few more hounds, finished off the worming of pups and cut their nails.

Saturday 2nd May:

Its a nice bright morning and we have plenty to do. We need supplies, our waste away.  At the kennels were going to gallop and not like us were going to do every scrap of paperwork including the Vat. I see the horse racing is going to start in the UK at the end of the month and the dog racing also must start in England and Ireland. Once I hear I will do an update on the dogs for sale page. We end the journal on the very sad news that John McGee junior passed away yesterday. RIP John.

Sunday 3rd May:

Its another nice dry morning and a typical Sunday at the kennels where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are in kennels. Padgie my head lad is taking a few days off but everything is going well. We got every scrap of paperwork done yesterday so we need a trip to the accountants to get the Vat done which will be Tuesday as its a bank holiday in Ireland.



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