Monday 3rd june:

Bank holiday monday in southern ireland today. Padgies my head lad child is sick so we are under pressure today, we have changed beds and the other every day jobs that will be as much as we can do. We are doing all the lists for vets, schooling and jobs that have to be done this week. We have a bit of paperwork and we will probably do that as well. Micheal dunne has brought back brood bitches that have been mated fair play to him and with it been a bank holiday we are going to finish early but still come back tonight to let dogs out.

Tuesday 4th june:

Its pouring from the heavens with rain, first the good news padgies new baby is 100% better today. We have our waste straw to go away, we are doing the endless job of changing beds and we are going to trial at newbridge and we have supplies to collect. We will have to do a major tidy up if we get a break in the rain after the bank holiday weekend and with a bit of luck we will hunt a few pups as well.

Wednesday 5th june:

An overcast morning but no rain and the first day of the appelby fair in the uk. We had a delivery from the uk early this morning which is now packed away, we need an absolute load of supplies, veg, food for pups, two gas bottles, specialised disafectant, water buckets and a whole heap of bits and pieces for maintenance. We also need all our waste away and we will continue on bathing dogs.

Thursday 6th june:

I am doing the journal at 4:30 pm on thursday afternoon. The main job of the day was handslipping at newbridge and trialing dogs that are sold. It was a great day as loads of hounds went brilliant. We left this morning at quarter to nine to go for trials we got back at one oclock and by the feets all got washed and they were checked over other than feed, clean, cook and let hounds out that are kenneled up nothing else was done.  We have loads of work on this weekend and next week will probably be the busiest week i have had since i came to ireland. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE ONE RUNNER TONIGHT AT HOVE BRITANNIA WILL.

Friday 7th june:

A very dry and bright morning and not too cold. We have plenty to do as normal we will cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are kenelled up. We have straw to collect and waste straw to go away. We will finish changing beds. We will be doing a massive tidy up around the place after the few days rain we have had. We have the garage to tidy and also we have some paperwork to complete so that will be about as much as we can get done today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE SEVEN RUNNERS. AT ROMFORD SWIFT ONYX, SWIFT TARQUIN, UNION PRIDE, OH YESYESYES, SWIFT SABBATH AND SWIFT BULLET. AT NOTTINGHAM SWIFT JIM.


Saturday 8th june:

A nice morning where we are going to hunt, gallop, bag straw, do a massive tidy and collect supplies. Its 39 year today since i lost my late father and i dont know where the time has gone as i remember it like yesterday. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS TONIGHT. AT MONMORE NORMANDSLAND FLYER AND SWIFT FABIO, AND AT CRAYFORD SWIFT CASEY.

Sunday 9th june:

Its a nice day in southern ireland and we have had a busy morning. We have hunted and galloped and we are flat out feeding up after getting the cooking and cleaning done. With a bit of luck we will get the vans washed and we had a very lucky escape as the older van blew a water pipe off and the gauge didnt show no water, its a miracle padgie didnt seize it up and a bigger miracle he changed the pipe and he now tells me he is a mechanic, a vet, top dog man and several other things we cant put on the website, my reply to him was i am blessed to have you!! ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS. AT CENTRAL PARK SWIFT BISCUIT AND AT HENLOW POINTLESS PHRASE.

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