Monday 23th March:

A nice dry morning and the main job is trialing in Shelbourne Park as normal we need supplies, plywood, muzzles, veg and a few more bits and pieces. The old van has to go to garage as is going for test, we hunt a few pups, there is no open racing in the UK but we have plenty of runners on RPGTV tonight, we are hand slipping from the traps in Shelbourne today we update the dog for sale page in the afternoon.

Tuesday 24th March:

A nice dry morning and Ireland is still working, pubs are closed, restaurants, cafés and a few more shops and the roads have more traffic this week than last week. The ferries are running, we have horse racing and greyhound racing going on behind close doors. Today we have broods for testing and we need supplies hopefully Gain dog food will come today so we are fully stocked up. Racing has stopped in England, I watched RPGTV racing last night and Churchill Holly former name Swift Lemur has had four races and won them all and was very impressive last night, Film Star former name Swift Penny run very well at Yarmouth getting up on the line for a very green pup.


We are doing Wednesdays journal on Friday morning, I felt crap all day on Wednesday but thankfully I was perfect again on Thursday. On Wednesday at kennels we change beds and hunted pups, there was supplies to collect as normal and the day went well.

Thursday 26th March:

We doing Thursdays journal on Friday morning, I had to day trip England yesterday for supplies, I never left the van the hole trip. At the kennels our Gain dog food came so we are now fully stocked, there was supplies to collect, we started worming all the dogs and we hunted pups.

Friday 27th March:

A lovely morning, the worming of dogs continues the hunting of pups also continues, we are changing beds and doing a tidy up, every dog on the place is getting a bone and a check over which will take a few days.

Saturday 28th March:

Ireland has gone into full lock down. The army and the police are stopping people everywhere. Its not a bad morning but its overcast. We have supplies to collect, our waste to take away and we have broods for testing at Michael Dunnes. I’m not sure if we are allowed to hunt pups owing to the lockdown. I cant believe how much the price of diesel is dropping. I was in Urlingford yesterday and it was €1.07 per liter. I was also at Mooncoin gallop and I have never seen two gallops like them anywhere. We have little bits of paperwork to do but I dont think we will get them done today.

Sunday 29th March:

Its an overcast morning but I dont think we will get rain. The second day of the lockdown and the roads are deserted. The good news is theres no panic buying in the shops and theres plenty of everything. I went to the Cash and Carry yesterday and we were only allowed two packets of gloves and two boxes of disinfectant. At the kennels today it will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out of kennels. We will do a bit of tidying up and probably wash the vans. Were up to date with all the paperwork. We have a busy week ahead of us as we need paper, fish, a trip to the accountants and I will possibly have to go to England for supplies. I bought myself two masks yesterday tat are normally €1 but cost me €10.

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