Monday 20th April:

We are doing Mondays journal on Tuesday morning as I was in the UK yesterday. I took hounds out that are sold and went to pasta foods in Norwich for pasta and I day tripped it. I came back through Newmarket and I can’t believe that half the shops are empty to let or for sale 40 year ago when I lived there you couldn’t get a shop for love or money. The roads where very quiet but the ferry is getting busier. At the kennels we have broods for mating and supplies to collect, we gallop a few hounds and a few supplies were delivered.

Tuesday 21th April:

I arrived back from the UK at 1am this morning, Swift Ali was having her pups and Mirus was watching them she had them early and thankfully he was there as she had broke the box up and ripped the carpet up on her bed I hadn’t ask Mirus to watch her but you know you have top class staff when they are there with out being asked, he is a top drawer lad like Padgie. Swift Ali has had 10 pups, 8 dogs and 2 bitches to Eden the kid, mother and pups doing fantastic in their new box and bed, the plans for today are supplies to collect, waste to go away, van to empty and a tidy up the places.

Wednesday 22th April:

We are doing Wednesday journal on Friday morning. The weather has been great for the last few weeks and this week has been no different, we had brood to collect from Michael Dunne that has been mated and there is a article on the greyhound star about the bitches we have mated and there is also a repeat of the program on you tube that the greyhound review did 20 year ago if you go to the search of you tube and put in greyhound review it’s episode 8.

Thursday 23th April:

We are doing Thursday’s journal on Friday morning. Yesterday was a quiet day, we did repair work, I did shopping for myself which is a job and a half now, we swapped  hounds around from runs to kennels and put pups in the big yards.

Friday 24th April:

A busy day, as we have 50 hounds to gallop, A trip to the cash and carry, broods to collect after being mated and the grass needs to be cut at the front as you come in to my place and we have tidy up to do as well.

Saturday 25th April:

Its another nice morning and the forecast is very good for the day. We need all our waste away. We have work to do on the website, paperwork to bring up to date, we will probably hunt a few pups and a tidy up. I went to the vets in Cashel to get everything we need yesterday. I stopped at Urlingford to get diesel and it was only €1.00 per litre. We also went to the Cash and Carry to get disposable gloves and there was none there. I stopped at Newbridge on the way back and they were €10.60 per box with a limit of 5 boxes. They are normally €2.50 per box.

Sunday 26th April:

Its an overcast morning but nice and mild. The main job today is galloping which will take all day. There is plenty of rumors that racing is on its way back from around the middle of May. It will be behind closed doors but at least were started and we will be able to trial. We hope to be trialing at Shelbourne ourselves 11th May. We will update the site nearer the time. It also looks like theres a chance we will get the premiership finished more good news.

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