Monday 25th May:

We are doing Mondays journal on Tuesday morning as yesterday was a very busy day, I went for fish and left at 4am and at the kennels we had to get the drains unblocked and we also had other supplies to collect and when we got the fish emptied I had to go to post office to post all paper work which is now a day job.

Tuesday 26th May: 

A nice day and the main job of today is schooling which will take all day, we will update the dog for sale page of trails and hand slips around 2 o’clock today.

Wednesday 27th May:

Another nice day, the main jobs today are the Cash and Carry, collects broods that have been mated. Monasterevin the village I live in is getting back to normal Luigi’s my favourite take away opened yesterday and the food is as good as ever. The hardware is open as normal plus all the other shops. Roads are still quiet in Ireland. The Newcastle United take over is hitting problems and today is the start of the busy few days at the kennels.

Thursday 28th May:

Another nice day we need our waste away, we need calcium and we also need wood and make boxes for broods to have their pups and we have hunted a few pups at 6am this morning.

Friday 29th May:

Were doing Fridays journal on Saturday as its been a couple of hectic days work wise but everything went well. I day tripped to the UK with hounds that were sold. A big thanks to everybody who bought one. I would have sent them with transport but none of them are going to Northern England or Ferrybridge. I collected essential supplies. Things are getting back to normal in the UK from what I could see. I came back to Ireland last night and I couldnt believe how many people were begging on the streets. We had to take a trip to the vets to get everything that is schooling checked. We also did a swap around with hounds, pups and saplings. The weather was glorious again.

Saturday 30th May:

Its been another busy day and the weather has been glorious again. Its a bank holiday weekend in Ireland and the roads are still quiet. We had supplies to collect and I was at three different shops before I could get carpet to use for broods having pups. We cant gallop or hunt as its just too hot now. A brood had pups during the night. She had 8 to Eden the Kid. Mother and pups are doing fantastic.

Sunday 31st May:

It has been red hot all night and we had to leave the doors and windows open everywhere last night. As we do the journal at 9am in Sunday morning it looks like its going to be another red hot day. It will be a typical Sunday where we clean kennels, cook, feed and let hounds out that are kenneled up.  We will make a few more boxes and beds for broods to have their pups in. With a bit of luck we will get the vans washed. We have lists to make for another busy week.

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