Monday 18th May:

We are doing Mondays journal on Tuesday afternoon as I went for fish yesterday and today Tuesday we have been to Donaskeagh hand slipping hounds. We got rain which is badly needed for the rearing paddocks, we are up to date with all the work and the next job is to start a massive repair job on the rearing paddocks which will be next week.

Tuesday 19th May:

We have been to Donaskeagh hand slipping hounds and it has took us all day by we have updated the website. At the kennels we have done everyday jobs.

Wednesday 20th May:

I was in the UK yesterday so I couldn’t do the journal so we are doing it on Thursday morning the 21th of May. England is getting back to normal and the roads were busy, at the kennels we had to meet Ross Miles. We did a swap around with pups, saplings and schooling dogs and it was red hot.

Thursday 21th May: 

We have emptied the van with the supplies from England. We need loads of supplies such as powder milk, calcium, stuff from the vets so we will try to get everything today.

Friday 22nd May:

Yesterday didn’t go as planned. I never got the calcium or the supplies from the vets but everything else went well. The old van has to go to the garage to get the breaks done tonight. As normal there is more supplies to collect. Its not as warm today but the ground has gone like concrete so it will be impossible to hunt pups. We will have to do work on the gallop before I dare gallop again. We got all the hounds checked yesterday to get them ready for schooling next week. The Newcastle United deal still hasnt gone through but the press say its very close.

Saturday 23rd May:

We have been getting rain in Southern Ireland which is badly needed for the rearing paddocks and gallop. The plans today is to get all our waste away, do a major tidy up as we have had strong winds as well, change beds in all the kennels and prepare for another busy week. We got the brakes done on the old van last night and the new van has to go into the garage today to get the brakes done and two or three other minor jobs. We still didnt get to the Cash and Carry but we will on Monday. We have calcium to collect which we will get later in the week. On the good news front my favorite take away in Monasterevin Luigies opens on Tuesday. I had Davey Maher yesterday who is the landlord of my favorite watering hole the Bell Yard and he is making plans to open but Im not sure if I will be one of his customers as Ive been off the drink three months and never felt as good.

Sunday 24th May:

Its another glorious day and there is checkpoints everywhere on the roads. It has been a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let out hounds that are in kennels. We started preparing for another busy week. We done all the paperwork and got all the paperwork ready to go to the ICC as from tomorrow they’re back working as normal. I spoke to John Nolan about getting dogs marked up and he says breeding is as low as it can go. I repeat what Ive said earlier the biggest threat to tracks in coming times will be the shortage of dogs. I will probably do Mondays journal in the afternoon as somebody has to go for fish tomorrow. I hope I dont get the short straw.

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