Monday 23rd December:

Were doing Mondays journal on Christmas Eve. The preparations for the holidays have gone perfect. Monday was a day for changing beds, tidying up, I went for fish so we are well stocked up. The parties had already started in Monasterevin for the Christmas as I left for Killybegs at 4 in the morning there were people still making their way home. It will be a miracle if they all got home. There was a Christmas raffle in the Bellyard Pub and I won 10th prize a George Foreman.

Tuesday 24th December:

The last of the Christmas preparations today as we tidy up and change the last few beds. I was at the vets early but there’s nothing to worry about. I have just been to Marks and Spencer in Dublin to get myself some food and I think were all stocking up for a siege. Were finishing at 3pm today.

Wednesday 25th December:

I wish all customers new and old a very merry Christmas day. Today is the only day of the year that the sales department is closed. Were starting at 6 as normal. Were going to clean, feed and finish at 12 for Christmas dinner and come back at 5pm in the evening. I hope all website readers have a great day.

Thursday 26th December:

Everything went perfect yesterday  the plan today is the same as Christmas day we started at 6am as normal let out the hounds as normal that are in kennels and cleaned the kennels. We are feeding early got the letting out runs to clean as well its a mild day with little bits of drizzly rain and the day is going brilliant and we have the hounds that are in kennels to let out at 9am, noon and tonight. Newcastle United play Man United at 5:30 to tonight lets hope we get a result we have no open race runners tonight but we have Swift Lettuce and Swift Sabbath in the Yarmouth championship grand final

Friday 27th December:

Its been a mild day for December and no rain things are back to normal today and the Christmas holidays went well we had a massive clean to do in the kennels, we repaired gates, nails to cut and pups to worm we need a load of supplies but most places are still closed in Ireland today. I went to the dump but it was closed so that’s the first job tomorrow. Newcastle United played well for the first half an hour and then fell apart. I picked padgie at 5:45 this morning and the town was alive with people making there way home for parties

Saturday 28th December:
Were doing Saturdays journal on Sunday morning as it was a hectic day but all went well. It was mild and dry and the first job of the day was taking the rubbish to the dump. We needed veg, food for pups, supplies from the vets and we started adding the dogs to the dogs for sale page from our August, September and October 2018 litters. At the kennels we did a swap around of pups and saplings and also hunted a few pups plus the everyday jobs of feeding, cleaning, letting hounds out.

Sunday 29th December:
A very mild morning. At 6am it was 12 degrees. It will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out. Were also going to change all the beds. We have pups to give their first injection to and we will do a bit of a tidy up.

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