Monday 22th June:

We are doing Mondays journal on Tuesday morning. On Sunday afternoon I came over to my house to watch the Newcastle game and I lost the key for the door yes I did not have spare key when I finally got in to my house the game had kicked off 10 min in to the game and my tv went off so I had watch the on my laptop and it was a massive win. At the kennels we cut nails on baby pups and continue on with a big tidy up. Two pups to watch out for that won yesterday Swift Earthly won her first race at Central Park 29.44 and the sectional was 3.21 her litter brother Film Star who started in A5 won a A1 at Yarmouth he will be a Romford open race dog.

Tuesday 23th June:

A busy morning we have already been for bagged milk and packed it away. The big tidy up continues and there is two van loaded of rubbish to go to the dump. We have our schooling list to make and I also need a new tv.

Wednesday 24th June:

Another overcast morning we started at 6am and I checked a brood that was due to pup at 3am and there was no pups when we started work at 6am she had 11 pups mother and pups doing fantastic. We are going to school hounds in Donaskeagh we need supplies we have hounds going to the UK that are sold with Ross Miles. At the kennels the big tidy up continues. My new tv comes today and Newcastle United play Aston Villa tonight at 6pm and we have a load of runners on RPTV tonight.

Thursday 25th June:

A very nice day but could get to hot the main job today is trialing and handslipping in Newbridge. The big tidy up continues and I just had to take a brood for a C section to the vets. Newcastle United are safe for another season after they draw with Aston Villa last night lets hope the take over now goes through I watched RPTV last night as well and we had three nice winners in Yarmouth Swift Impeach, Swift Addition and Fantastical.

Friday 26th June:

Were doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning as I went for fish which is a days job. The only good news about getting the fish is they’re doing a whole lot of road works to make the journey easier. We got rid of all our waste and as normal we collected supplies. We had heavy rain . At the kennels our order came from Red Mills. We did a swap around with mothers and pups, saplings and kenneled up dogs.

Saturday 27th June:

Another overcast morning. All the good news. My new TV is up and running. I got my hair cut and I have been out once for a drink in the past 6 months. Everything is going well at the kennels. The plans today is to collect supplies, do all the paperwork and if the rain stops we will continue on with the big tidy up. The pubs that do food open on Monday in Ireland so two of the nine will open in Monasterevin as there is a loophole in the act allowing pubs to open as Mooneys is licenced as a bar and grocery. I believe if you spend €9 on food you’re allowed a drink in Mooneys. How theyre going to get them out after an hour and a half I dont know. Liverpool won the Premiership so you will have all them in the pub celebrating. The jockeys will be in and loads of lads are taking a day off work. I have no doubt it will be a disaster and the guards (police) will have a busy day. Personally I would rather spend the day in Portlaoise prison.

Sunday 28th June:

Were doing Sundays journal on Saturday afternoon. It will be a day for cooking, cleaning and feeding. We will be keeping an eye on all the young pups and with a bit of luck we will get the vans washed and prepare for another busy week. Whatever happens I will be watching Newcastle play Man City at 6pm.

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