Monday 29th June:

Another wet day and a typical Monday were we are starting to stock up for the week. We have all of our waste away to the dump the vet is on his way to check the hounds that are schooling. Newcastle United Cup Run is finished the pubs that sell food are open but I won’t be going near them. We have runners tonight on RPTV so I’ll be watching them and we also have a retired brood going to her new home.

Tuesday 30th June:

With a bit of luck will be a dry day the big tidy up continues the first day in a long time we need no supplies. We have all our list to do as we are schooling in Shelbourne tomorrow and Newbridge on Thursday.

Wednesday 1st July:

We had heavy rain over night and Shelbourne will be perfect for schooling and so will Newbridge be tomorrow. We have maintenance work to do with a bit of luck. We have dogs going to UK that are sold with Ross Miles so we have him to meet. We have a brood very heavy in pup so she will have to be watched and lets hope the traffic is not bad going to Shelbourne Park for trials. Newcastle United on TV tonight and all we have to do is not lose.

Thursday 2nd July:

A nice morning and a perfect day for schooling at Newbridge which is the main job of the day. The big tidy up will continue. Newcastle United won again last night and played very well, we have dogs running tonight on RPTV so I will be watching that and we have a whole lot of small jobs to do.

Friday 3rd July:

Another overcast morning and looks like we will get rain. We have brood having pups and she is having a tough time as the pups are big. We need supplies and all our waste has to go to the dump.


Saturday 4th July:

Its an overcast morning and we are cutting the grass in the rearing paddocks. We have the dogs that are schooling getting checked. Were going to tidy up the vans, add our June and July 2019 hounds to the dogs for sale page, do the Vat and continue on with the big tidy up so its going to be a very busy day. We have a load of new born pups and the brood that was having a hard time pupping yesterday is 100% today. All the pups are going fantastic. We will do a swap around with mothers, pups and saplings today.

Sunday 5th July:

Its a nice dry morning and we had heavy winds overnight. Thankfully there was no damage. We got all the jobs on our list done yesterday and we will continue on today with the massive tidy up job cutting grass and strimming. Other than that it will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are in kennels. Newcastle United are on the TV at 2:15 so I will be watching that. one points will make Newcastle mathematically safe if Aston Villa get beaten but there is no chance of us getting relegated. ON THE OPEN RACES SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS TONIGHT AT CENTRAL PARK  FILM STAR AND NORMANSLAND FLYER

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