Monday 11th October:

It’s been a very busy day and we are doing Mondays journal at 8 o’clock at night. Padgie my head lad is back to work today the main job of today was trialing in Shelbourne Park and I was at the vet at 9am in Cashel so it’s been a long day.

Tuesday 12th October:

A dry cold morning and plenty to do the main job is adding the photos on to Greyhound Data of the hounds that haven’t got them on the dog for sale page. We need food for pups a trip to the dump I also have to go to the vet and we need parts for the 151 van.

Wednesday 13th October:

A nice day and plenty to do, we are preparing dogs for schooling, we need supplies I have to meet Ross Myles with hounds that are sold going to the UK and we will do bit more tidying up around the yard and we got the 151 van back from the mechanic.

Thursday 14th October:

A nice day and plenty to do, we are going to do more work to prepare more dogs for schooling, we need to swap mother and pups in to big sheds. We have more hounds going to the UK and more hounds to bring to the rearing paddocks and we also need our waste away.

Friday 15th October:

Were doing Fridays journal on Sunday morning. We had hounds that had to be delivered to the UK, we did a bit of hunting and galloping at the kennels and continued on worming and giving all hounds a flea tablet. The weather was good and the day went well.

Saturday 16th October:

It was a nice day but it was cold. We continued on swapping around pups and kennel dogs. We also did a tidy up and cut hedges.

Sunday 17th October:

Its a dry cold morning. It will be a typical Sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let hounds out of kennels. We need food for pups and other bits and pieces. We have been that busy at the kennel that I havent been putting the open race runners on but I will start again on Monday. Two pups heading the right way from a litter we thought the world of: Swift Quaff did 28.25 last qualifying trial at Yarmouth and Swift Quip did 17.65 at Newcastle first look.

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