Monday 18th October – Sunday 24th October:

I spent another week in hospital after having an accident a week past Friday night. I had a chest infection along with it and typical of me I went to the hospital at the last minute. I’m home again thank goodness and I’m up and around. I’m not right but much better and heading in the right direction. The most important thing I have to do now is lose weight,

At the kennels this week Padgie ran the place and did a great job. We got pups earmarked, we hunted and galloped, we prepared more hounds for schooling, did a massive swap around with mothers and pups, saplings and kennel dogs. Were all prepared for a busy week starting on Tuesday 26th as its a Bank holiday weekend in Southern Ireland. Were out of supplies but we will get them all this week.

In the football Newcastle United are under new ownership with a new manager. We got a point yesterday at Palace but we were lucky to get it. Its going to be a battle to stay in the Premiership. Lets hope there’s three teams worse than us.

Were going to add a load of litters to the dogs for sale page today, do the schooling list and catch up on all the paperwork.

The best of our open race winners this week was Potent Touch Saturday night winning his semi final of the steel city cup. It would have been my mothers birthday last week if she had been here. She would have been 94 and it will be 6 years since she passed away this coming February. I dont know where the time has gone.

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