Monday 6th may:

Its an overcast morning but the forecast is for a nice day. Its a bank holiday but when you have greyhounds its a normal day. Connor is on holidays so i will have to be seeking supplies, we are going to worm pups and keep going with the flea treatment and thats as much as we can do today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT YARMOUTH SWIFT GALWAY AND SWIFT TARQUIN.

Tuesday 7th may:

Its an overcast morning and we have plenty to do. We have a list of supplies the lenght of my arm to get and we also have the VAT to take to the accountants. We need all our waste away and we have pups that need there first injections, we were hoping to gallop and hunt but that will not be possible now. We will do a lenghty journal in the morning to let you know how its all going.

Wednesday 8th may:

An overcast day and again plenty to do, we are changing beds, continue on doing dogs for worms and fleas and more supplies to collect. Swift sandy and swift blitz are doing remarkably well in the last few days as i feared the worst with them today is the best they have been in a long time. We have broods to collect that have been mated and i will have to get on top of all the work as padgie is having a few days break.

Thursday 9th may:

We have had heavy rain overnight and it looks like we will get more today. As normal there is a whole load of running around to do collecting supplies etc. At the kennels we are going to worm dogs and give them there injections. I brought swift babe into the house with me so she can enjoy her retirement and she has settled in great with the other three broods who live with me swift blitz, swift sandy and swift eva. Swift blitz and swift sandy are doing remarkably well again as i thaught there end had come. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS AT HOVE SWIFT REGAL, SWIFT ORLA AND SWIFT BISCUIT.

Friday 10th may:

A nice morning and plenty to do. We need fresh straw, need all our waste away, food for pups and a mountain of running around to do on top of this. At the kennels we might hunt a few pups and gallop a few dogs. Swift biscuits open race win last night at hove makes him the leading open race winner of the year on 10 wins. ON THE OPEN SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER SWIFT BISCUIT. TONIGHT WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT ROMFORD LEEDON BACARDI AND OH YESYESYES.

Saturday 11th may:

A nice dry bright morning and again plenty to do. We will be changing all beds in the kennels, putting dogs from the garden paddocks to the field paddocks and letting dogs that are kenneled up outside. As normal we will do the cooking, cleaning and feeding, we have straw to bag and waste straw to go away. There is also bits and pieces of supplies to collect. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER LAST NIGHT LEEDON BACARDI. TONIGHT WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT CRAYFORD MEGAPOPS AND AT SHEFFIELD CONEY KARAT.

Sunday 12th may:

A nice morning but a little cooler, a typical sunday where we clean kennels and puppy sheds, let dogs out that are kenneled up, cook and feed and prepare for another very busy week. We got the vans washed yesterday, the canteen tidied and the paperwork all sorted out and we got the plans all made for the coming week as its going to be a busy one. Its the last day of the premiership so il watch that and padgie is off today as he had a party yesterday as it was his son kuba’s communion. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT HENLOW SWIFT DANIELLE AND AT CENTRAL PARK SWIFT LOKI.

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