Monday 13th may:

A beautiful morning and plenty to do. We are going to do a major swap around with mothers and pups, saplings and dogs ready for schooling. We have waste straw to go away. Newcastle united ended the season on a high beaten fulham 4-0. Swift babe is settling in to the house well and also amazing swift sandy and swift blitz are picking up health wise. We will also give the place a major tidy up today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE SEVEN RUNNERS. AT NOTTINGHAM SWIFT SABBATH, HAGGSWOOD RIVER, SWIFT BISCUIT ANS WOKEEN, AT YARMOUTH SWIFT GALLOWAY AND SWIFT TARQUIN AND AT DONCASTER GRUMPY TINKER.

Tuesday 14th may:

A nice morning and the main jobs today are trialing at newbridge, continue on with the tidy up, making boxes and beds for mothers and pups, doing a mountain of running around, sorting stud dogs out for brood bitches as we have four in season. There is no open racing today in the uk. We had one winner last night swift biscuit and also swift tarquin qualified for the final of the st. ledger.

Wednesday 15th may:

A gorgeous morning and a great forecast. The plans for the next few days we have all the beds to change everywhere, a massive swap around with mother and pups, broods ready to have pups, pups at 8 and 12 weeks to be moved to runs and paddocks and saplings to be kenneled up ready for schooling. We have the grass to get cut in the rearing paddocks, all our waste to go away, we need food for pups, veg and muzzles and there is a mountain of hedge cutting, maintenance work and gardening to be done plus hounds to worm. If we have all this done by monday everything is going well and i forgot to mention we have to hunt and gallop.

Thursday 16th may:

An overcast morning but it does not look like rain today as we do the journal at 8:30 AM, we have been cutting the grass paddocks since 6 AM and have nearly got them finished. We are going to change the beds in all the houses in each of the rearing paddocks, cut the hedges and weeds back at the top and side of the runs. We have a whole lot of maintenance to do on the fences and paddocks and that will be as much as we can do today. We have got every hound done for fleas’s and worms, we got the big swap around done yesterday as well, there are bits and pieces to collect, wooden posts and fencing for to mend the paddocks. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS TONIGHT AT HOVE SWIFT ORLA AND SWIFT REGAL.

Friday 17th may:

We are doing the journal at 4 oclock on friday as we finish, i had to go for fish and all the work is just about done. The maintenance work, the swap around of dogs, pups and saplings all done and the rain has come so we are just getting everything finished on time cause between now and the end of the year i have about 160 saplings to school which will be the most we have ever schooled in six months, we will school them all at newbridge as its on our doorstep and to be fair joyce(manager) and mick(hair driver) could not be any more obliging and always have the track in top condition. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT ROMFORD DROHOBYCH SUNSET AND LEEDON BACARDI. AND WE HAVE ONE RUNNER IN IRELAND AT KILKENNY URBAN HIGHWAY.

Saturday 18th may:

We are doing saturdays journal on monday 20th may due to technical issues. Saturday was another lovely day for weather and we were short staffed due to everyone been at communion’s. We got through it no bother and everything went well. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE WE HAD ONE WINNER IN IRELAND AT KILKENNY IN THE UNRACED CHAMPION STAKES URBAN HIGHWAY. IN THE UK WE HAVE NINE RUNNERS, AT CRAYFORD SWIFT CASEY, GRAVELTRAP LEON AND MEGAPOPS AND AT YARMOUTH SWIFT ONYX, SWIFT BISCUIT, SWIFT GALLOWAY, SWIFT DIXON, SWIFT TARQUIN AND OH YESYESYES.

Sunday 19th may:

We are doing sundays journal a day late due to technical issues. It was another glorious day, we had a brood to watch who was due to have pups, we needed food for pups and we had to prepare for a busy week ahead. When i went into the town the whole place must of been partying as at 7AM it was more like temple bar on a saturday night than monasterevin people coming home after a night of celebrations. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER SWIFT BISCUIT. TONIGHT WE HAD TWO RUNNERS AT HENLOW SWIFT BESSIE AND REARGAURD GIZMO.

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