Monday 23rd September:

It has rained all day and it is a bad forecast for the week. We got plenty done as we are doing the journal at 3:30 in the afternoon. We got all our waste away, food for pups, all young pups wormed, nails cut and injected, everything we need ordered so the day has gone well as I had no padgie and everyones man flu including my own is miles better. Newcastle united are out of the bottom three and I have two more retired hounds coming into house with me. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS TONIGHT AT NOTTINGHAM SWIFT FERDIA, CROSSKEYS SISCO AND HAGGSWOOD RIVER.

Tuesday 24th September:

A gorgeous morning for late September and plenty to do. We need fish, all beds changed, the grass cut in the rearing paddocks for the last time and a massive tidy up as we have had heavy rain for the last few days. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER LAST NIGHT AT NOTTINGHAM HAGGSWOOD RIVER. TONIGHT WE HAVE FIVE RUNNERS AT SHEFFIELD CONEY KUONI, CONEY KUCCINI, CONEY BOOM BOOM, CONEY CULIACAN AND CONEY KAMAKAZE.

Wednesday 25th September:

Another nice morning and another busy day today. We are continuing changing beds everywhere, we have straw to bag, I have to meet ross miles with a hound that is sold travelling to the UK, we have never ending supplies to get, the garage to tidy and also continue on with the massive tidy up caused by the rain we have had. If we get this all done along with the every day jobs of cooking, cleaning, feeding and letting hounds out that are kennelled up it will be a good day.

Thursday 26th September:

We have had a bit of rain overnight but thankfully as we do the journal at 9:30 am is it a lovely morning. The main job today is trialling at newbridge. We have a bit of paperwork to do, photographs to take and when we get a chance later on in the day we will tidy up the website. Other than the everyday jobs there is not much else we can get done today.

Friday 27th September:

We are doing Fridays journal on Saturday morning as we never got a chance due to been so busy. I spent most of the day collecting supplies while at the kennels we took photographs and weights of several hounds and added them to greyhound data so that took most of the day. We gave the place a massive tidy also. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE RUNNER AT ROMFORD BRITANNIA WILL.

Saturday 28th September:

It has been a busy morning as we had supplies to empty from the van. The main job of the day is galloping hounds and that will probably take up most of the day. We are doing the never ending job of hedge cutting, we have straw to bag, we need food for pups and a few other bits and pieces to get. We will also do the last of tidying up on the website that needs doing. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS WOOF A RHYTHM AND SWIFT FABIO. IN IRELAND WE HAVE ONE RUNNER AT SHELBOURNE PARK SWIFT SHAMROCK.

Sunday 29th September:

As we do the journal in the afternoon it has been a busy morning. We got both our vans washed, got the freezer tidied and the garage tidied also. We have lists to make and a big tidy up as we had strong winds last night. Other than the daily jobs of cooking, cleaning, feeding and letting hounds out that are kennelled up to clean themselves this will be about as much as we can get done today.

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