Monday 1ST APRIL:: As you can see the new website is up and running to see each days journal you have to click on the date of week starting at the top of the page.
Its an overcast morning its 24 years today since i moved in to lughill kennels and i remember it like yesterday and i dont know where the time is gone. We have broods having pups and all going well. We are going to do a massive swap of pups, saplings and dogs that are schooling. We need supplies as normal and we need our waste straw away and that will be as much as we can do today. In the football it now looks like the bottom three in the premiership are the three thats going to be relegated and you will definitely stay up with 38 points so newcastle need one win lets hope they get it against arsenal tonight. Its a busy week were trialing tomorrow at newbridge, hunting and galloping, we need the photographs took of the dogs that are on the dog for sale page, we have a massive tidy up to do of all garages and as ever there will be supplies to collect. We only have one van till we get the bearing fixed in the old van but we will manage. Mirus is working away as good as ever so all going well. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE ONE RUNNER AT NOTTINGHAM NIDDERDALE LARK.

Tuesday 2nd april:

Its a cold, dry and bright morning and plenty to do. We had three van loads of waste straw to go away which was the first job of the day. We did a major swap around which we completed this morning of mother and pups, small pups, saplings and dogs that are getting ready for schooling from sheds to runs to rearing paddocks to kennels. The next job of the day is schooling at newbridge everything going well i have the dump to do, get veg and food for pups. Newcastle didnt get a result last night but we have six games left and one win will probably do us.

Wednesday 3rd april:

Its my birthday today and i am 62 years old where the time has gone i do not know. The first job today is the doctors as i am dizzy as a duck, its a nice dry morning but a lot colder. The plans today are we have john nolans coming to earmark pups, we have to take a brood to have a section as she is two days over due, we have the dump to do and we also need food for pups and mirus is going to hunt pups. In the premiership its two down and one to go after fulham got beat last night, cardiff is away to man city tonight so you wouldnt expect a result for them.

Thursday 4th april:

Nothing went right yesterday, the doctors sent me to the hospital for scans, tests and x-rays so i was there the whole day the only good news i got my bloods gone from 10.2 to 14.3 and they wouldnt give me tablets for the dizziness having said that im not too bad today. The brood that had a section all went well and the pups were massive thats why she could not pass them. I had to cancel john nolan so today we will get caught up, we are going to get rid of our waste straw, go to the dump, hunt pups as they didnt get done yesterday, gallop, tidy the garages and the canteen and as normal there is a whole load of bits and pieces to collect with a bit of luck we will get it all done. Results went right for newcastle last night with cardiff, brighton and crystal palace all getting beat, newcastle are now 150/1 to get relegated the six games we have got left liverpool is the hard one but the rest we are well capable of getting results. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT HOVE BRITANNIA WILL AND MEXICO.

Friday  5th april:

A nice bright dry morning and plenty to do. The first job is to take a brood to the vets for a section the second one in three days. We need loads of bits and pieces straw, food for pups, cleaning sprays and loads of other stuff the list is to long to mention. We will hunt pups, bag straw and i could have chicken to collect this afternoon. Its going to be a hectic day as i have only got one van till the mechanic gets the old van fixed and padgie has to go to the church with the young child luckily i have shane and mirus today, i will also have to keep an eye on swift blitz as she is just not 100%. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT ROMFORD SWIFT SABBATH AND SWIFT BULLET.

Saturday 6th april:

Its a cold but dry morning  with plenty to do. We will change all beds in the kennels, garden runs and yards. As normal we will clean, cook and feed and let dogs that are kenneled up out into the runs. We will let dogs from garden into field. As normal we have supplies to collect and we will do a massive tidy up around the yard today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS. AT SHEFFIELD SWIFT BISCUIT AND SWIFT TARQUIN AND AT SHAWFIELD BRAMBLE RAFA.

Sunday 7th april:

It is a cold, dry and foggy morning. The jobs today are cooking, cleaning and feeding, finish changing all beds everywhere, we have bits and pieces to collect and the main job of the day is galloping, that will be about all we can get done today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE SIX RUNNERS. WOOF A RHYTHM, MEGAPOPS, NINJA RASCAL AND SWIFT MILEY AT CENTRAL PARK, AND AT HENLOW SWIFT WINDMILL AND SWIFT GALLOWAY.



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