Monday 24th june:

We are having problems with the website and i have had to start todays journal and the this weeks journal again. Anybody having problems navigating the site please dont hesitate and contact me and i will guide you through it. Everything went wrong here yesterday in a minute we started doing the journal and the website froze, we cant edit the journal we did for monday or take it off. Rafa benitez has left newcastle united so we are now looking for a new manager unless newcastle is nearly sold and the new owners obviously will want to appoint a new manager themselves, well i think its typical of newcastle at the moment a shambles, no doubt it will be another year fighting relegation. I had a bird stuck in the chimney so i got a plumber to take the fireplace out, i took swift babe and swift eva out to the runs and opened all the doors and windows, the bird escaped from the chimney within seconds of the fire been removed and swift babe came back in and caught it the poor thing. At the kennels it was a day for collecting supplies and preparing for a busy week.

Tuesday 25th june:

The forecast is good and i have started another major tidy up. We have bits and pieces as normal to collect as in supplies and we will hunt a few pups . ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE SEVEN RUNNERS AT SHEFFIELD CONEY KOOKEE, CONEY KUCCINI, CONEY KARAT, GRUMPY THINKER, CONEY CASSIUS, CONEY SABELLA AND CONEY BOOM BOOM.

Wednesday 26th june:

Another lovely day and been a busy morning. We had john nolans marking dogs up, we have got all our waste away, we have been changing beds, making boxes and beds for mothers, collecting supplies and now we have a trip to the vets. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD TWO WINNERS AT SHEFFIELD CONEY KARAT AND CONEY KUCCINI.

Thursday 27th june:

Another beautiful morning and a busy one. Our first job of the morning is trialing at newbridge. We are getting our grass cut in the rearing paddocks, we are doing a big swap around with hounds going into kennels. We will continue making boxes and beds for mammys and pups and we will do every other day to day jobs. If we manage to get all this done it will be a successful day. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS TONIGHT AT HOVE ZADOG THE PRIEST AND SWIFT REGAL.

Friday 28th june:

Another glorious morning but dogs will have to be monitored for the heat and there will be no galloping or hunting until things cool down. We are doing paperwork and once i get the journal done im off to the vets to get tablets that worm dogs and kill fleas. There are bits and pieces to collect as normal and we will also have to watch swift alicia as i have brought her in my house for retirement with me up till now all is going well. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS AT ROMFORD OH YESYESYES, SWIFT ONYX AND SWIFT SABBATH.

Saturday 29th june:

When i started at 6am this morning it was pouring from the heavens but as we do the journal at 9am its now a nice day and ideal for preparing dogs for schooling and hunting pups. We are doing every dog in the place for worms and fleas with the tablet i got from the vet, they are 25 euro each but well worth it as its the only thing that works and also covers them for ticks. If we get all this done today we have had a good day as i also have to get rid of all our waste and as normal i have supplies to collect. In horse racing its the irish derby and the northumberland plate at newcastle where i have had many a good day. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE FOUR RUNNERS. AT NOTTINGHAM SWIFT BISCUIT, SWIFT TAXMAN AND BRAMBLE MILBURN. AT CRAYFORD SWIFT LIBBY.

Sunday 30th june:

We are doing sundays journal on monday morning as we had no time yesterday. It was a nice sunday morning and a typical one where we cleaned, cooked, feed and let dogs out that were in kennels. We had supplies to collect and we also done a major tidy up around the yard. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE ONE RUNNER AT CENTRAL PARK MEGAPOPS.


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