Week starting 1st july:


Monday 1st july:

A nice morning and a busy one. As normal we do the cleaning, cooking, feeding and letting dogs out to clean themselves that are in kennels. We have supplies to collect as per usual, we have paperwork to complete, garage to tidy up, freezer to tidy and finish the tidy up around the whole place. If we get this much done today it will be a good day and good start to the new week ahead.

Tuesday 2nd july:

Another nice morning and plenty to do. We have broods going to micheal dunnes for mating, the old van has got two punctures so my first job is getting them fixed, we are going to gallop, straw to bag and waste straw to go away and that will be as much as we can do today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE SIX RUNNERS AT SHEFFIELD CONEY KARAT, CONEY KUCCINI, CONEY CASSIUS, BEAU JACK, GRUMPY THINKER AND CONEY SABELLA.

Wednesday 3rd july:

A beautiful morning and we have plenty to do, we are changing all beds in the kennels, we have waste straw to go away and we also need a trip to the dump. I need passports for dogs that are sold going to the uk so i will have to make a trip to the vets. As we do the journal at 9:30 am swift babe and swift alicia who live with me in the house have just returned after going down to the river and given themselves a swim so a good start to the day for them. All going well we will hunt a few pups if it does not get too hot. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER AT SHEFFIELD CONEY SABELLA.

Thursday 4th july:

Its going to be another very nice day and once we get the journal done we will do the main job of the day which is trialling and handslipping at newbridge before it gets too hot. We have broods due to have pups so they will have to be watched and we have bits and pieces of gardening work to be done and that will be as much as we can do today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS TONIGHT AT HOVE SWIFT OVERTIME, MEXICO AND SEASONS TORONADO.

Friday 5th july:

Another glorious morning and loads to do today. We are changing beds in all the kennels, we have straw to bag, garage to tidy and do a massive tidy up around the yard. If we get time and it cools down we will hunt a few pups. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER AT HOVE LAST NIGHT SWIFT OVERTIME. TONIGHT WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT ROMFORD SWIFT ONYX AND AT SUNDERLAND HARTS BEAUTY.

Saturday 6th july:

We are doing the journal at 2:30 in the afternoon as it has been a hectic day. We had loads of supplies to collect today and we had to get rid of all our waste. I have started another massive tidy up job which is going well and we are preparing for another busy week. My favourite watering hole the bellyard has got free beer on for the whole weekend as the owner has been there 10 years and been in the pub trade for 50 years, the only problem is trying to get through the door and trying to get served. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE FIVE  RUNNERS. AT MONMORE SWIFT FABIO AND AT CRAYFORD SWIFT CASEY, SWIFT LIBBY, OH YESYESYES AND SWIFT NADIA.

Sunday 7th july:

A nice morning and a typical sunday where we cook, clean, feed and let dogs out that are kenneled up. We will finish the tidy up of the whole place. Padgie is off and is away to dublin zoo with the family. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD TWO WINNERS LAST NIGHT AT CRAYFORD SWIFT CASEY AND OH YESYESYES. TONIGHT WE HAVE FIVE RUNNERS, AT CENTRAL PARK MEGAPOPS, SWIFT BISCUIT, SWIFT LOKI AND NINJA RASCAL AND AT HENLOW ARTHUR PEANUT.

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