Monday 20th December:

It’s a cold foggy morning and it’s been a busy one, we needed supplies, food for pups from supermarket and all our waste away. We had everything fed for 12 o’clock as the main job of today is trialing at Shelbourne Park and Mirus is left at home to let the hounds in and out from the kennels to clean them self.

Tuesday 21th December:

A nice dry day and no chance of rain and a busy day. I have gone for fish and at the kennels we have pups to worm and inject, we have brood due to have pups and as normal we need bits and pieces of supplies. On the race front we have three or four dogs win their first race very impressively yesterday.

Wednesday 22th December:

A wet morning and plenty to do, we need supplies from the vets, we have the freezers and garages all to tidy up and we also need food for pups from supermarket. I have to prepare myself for Christmas with shopping and I will do that when I’m going to get food for pups.

Thursday 23rd December:

Were doing Thursdays journal on Friday morning. Thursday was a busy day getting the last of the supplies to get us over the Christmas holidays. At the kennels we continued on worming pups, doing a tidy, maintenance work and preparing for the break.

Friday 24th December:

Its a dry day. We will change beds and do as much preparation work as possible for Christmas day. I have to go to the vets. Hopefully the day will go well.

Christmas Day:

We want to wish everybody a merry Christmas. The plan for today is to start at 6am as normal, get everything cleaned out and fed for around 11am. We will go and get our dinner and come back in the afternoon to let out again. Hopefully its going to be dry and hopefully the day goes to plan.

Sunday 26th December:

Christmas day went well at the kennels but it rained the whole day and we were all saturated. We started at 5:30am and finished just after 10am. we came back in the afternoon to let dogs out of kennels and to feed young pups. We did the same on Boxing Day or St Stephens Day whichever you want to call it. I enjoyed the days and I enjoyed my lunch with my head lad Padgie and his family.

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