Breed: Farloe Blitz x Swift Juno
Age: 2nd September 2017
Colour & Sex: Black, Dog
Weight: (earmark AUU) 31KG
Handslip: 15.08 (13/12) newbridge
1st Sprint: 18.26 (12/1) newbridge
2nd Sprint: 18.17 (19/1) newbridge
3rd Sprint: 18.01 (26/1) newbridge
1st 525: 29.50 (5/2) newbridge
2nd 525:  
3rd 525:  
Price: £2500 (No Offers)
Comments: (5/2) Trapped brilliant and did a brilliant sectional and stayed the 525 very strong in testing conditions. Looks a real nice dog with very good early pace. Looks a top heat/open racer in the making today. (26/1) Trapped miles better but still not foot perfect, his trapping will come right, he stayed like an absolute train and will get 4 bends anywhere. He looked a top heat/open racer today in the making. (19/1) He didnt trap or else the time would of been miles better. (12/1) superstar first time out of the traps and ran rails. (13/12) Went very well. Juno is from a top dam line. This is her first litter. Her father is Iso Octane who is a top producer of top dams. Farloe Blitz is a young sire whos is going places and gets them with super early