Coney Swift

Breed: Swift Hoffman X Swift Eva
Age: 30th October 2017
Colour & Sex: Black, Dog
Weight: (earmark PTB) 37KG
1st Sprint:  
2nd Sprint:  
3rd Sprint:  
1st 525:  
2nd 525:  
3rd 525:  
Price: SOLD
Comments: This is Evas last pup as she is now living in the house with me and is a perfect pet. Eva has produced group one, two and three winners in previous litters. This pup who is going to be named Coney Swift is sold to Dean from Sheffield who has the Coney prefix. He was a machine in the rearing paddocks and only wanted to run. He would lead the pack all the time. We gave him a drag hare yesterday 25th October against a race dog and he passed it without a problem. He looks an absolute machine and has done from day one.